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4 Alternatives to AirTags for Pet Trackers

Occasionally, our pets find a way to escape from our homes and all the worst-case scenarios pop up in our minds. Our fears often range from fear that they got into an accident to worries that they have gotten themselves infected with illnesses or impregnated.

With so many of us treating our pets like children, it's no secret that we're willing to spare no expense when keeping them safe from harm. For this reason, many users have turned to the AirTag for their pet tracking needs.

Why the Apple

Should You Put an AirTag on Your Pet's Collar?

It’s no secret that for many of us, our pets are part of our families. We may even like them more than we like other people. We splurge on expensive food, endless toys, routine medication, and even birthday parties. Just thinking about a life without our furry friends may bring tears to our eyes.

Many pet lovers won’t be able to sleep at night knowing their favorite animal is at risk of loss or theft. This particular fear is real when they have an adventurous spirit that craves for the outside

How to Use Spotify for Pets to Make a Playlist for Your Animal Companion

Spotify doesn’t just know what music you might love. It also knows what your pet loves too.

It’s no secret that many of us are crazy about our pets. Arguably, we may even love them more than other people. While most of us have probably already contemplated making a playlist for our pets (if we haven't already), Spotify offers to make the process of making easier with Spotify for Pets.

What Is Spotify for Pets?

Launched in 2020, Spotify for Pets is a special feature designed to find the best t

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