How to Ensure Your Google Account Is Deleted After You Die

For most people, it can be uncomfortable to think about what happens to you after you bite the bullet, let alone what happens to your online accounts like Google. Unfortunately, Google accounts contain a wealth of information, which hackers can use for their purposes even after you have passed. From intimate details about your life to financial information, there are numerous things that most people don't trust with anyone, especially those with no close friends or family members. In this arti

Why Sony Is Planning to Produce PS4 Consoles Through 2022

In 2020, Sony released the much-anticipated next generation of its beloved console, the PlayStation 5. Since then, it has flown off the shelves with a demand that hasn't slowed down, even after more than a year after its launch. Unfortunately, if you've been waiting for a chance to get your hands on a PS5, the odds against you. However, Sony is offering an alternative solution fans—producing more PS4 consoles. Here's why. Sony Plans to Keep Producing PS4 Consoles Through 2022 According to a B

Which iPad Models Work With the Apple Pencil 1 or Apple Pencil 2?

While both generations of Apple Pencil offer pixel-perfect precision, tilt and pressure sensitivity, and barely noticeable lag, there are some critical differences between them. For most prospective Apple Pencil owners, one of the key concerns they encounter is compatibility. When Apple introduced then second-generation Apple Pencil, it announced that the new pencil would not work with older iPad models. In the same vein, while the first-generation Apple Pencil works for older iPad models, it i

How to Set an Auto-Reply for an Inactive Gmail Account

While there are several reasons you might abandon an old Gmail account, this can cause concern for those who are used to emailing you with it. Without a response, people might assume that something bad happened to you. Thankfully, there is a way to let other users know that your email address isn't being used anymore. To accomplish this, you have to set an auto-reply for your inactive Gmail account. To set an auto-reply for your inactive account, you will need to update your Inactive Account M

How to Enable Dark Mode on Asana

For hard workers, it's not uncommon to find yourself working until the sun sets and the world around you grows dark. However, when you stare at screens for too long in the dark, you may experience eye strain, headaches, and other issues. Thankfully, Asana offers options for people who are sensitive to brightness or who need less of it daily. If you find your eyes tired all the time from staring at screens, you may want to consider turning setting Asana to dark mode. But, what is dark mode, and

How to Look More Confident in Zoom Meetings

These days, meetings are increasingly done online. While this opened up a world of remote work opportunities, it also created new problems. For example, these days, many Zoom newbies are wondering how it is possible to look more confident on screen. Thankfully, it's not an impossible task. Here are all the ways you can consider trying to look more confident in Zoom meetings. One of the easiest things that you can do to look more confident in Zoom Meetings is to invest in lighting. Whether it's

How to Set an Inactive Account Manager on Google

By default, if you have not logged into to your Google Account for more than 24 months at a time, Google will suspect that you are no longer using your email address. Once Google suspects you are inactive, it will use your alternative contact information, such as mobile phone number and linked email addresses, to get in touch. Afterward, Google will delete content like emails, files, pictures, and so on. However, right before it deletes your contact, Google will notify your Inactive Account Ma

How to Add Pronouns on Your Asana Profile

Asking for someone's pronouns can be an awkward experience, especially if it is not common in your culture to do so. When it comes to remote teams, it can even be more difficult to have a conversation about pronoun usage. Thankfully, Asana makes it easy to share pronouns in a subtle way. Here's why pronouns are important and why you should consider sharing yours on Asana. Pronouns are essential because not everyone who expresses themselves a certain way is of a certain gender identity. For so

How to Write a Professional Out-of-Office Email Reply

When it comes to emails, it can be challenging to establish professional boundaries. After all, many companies assume that as long as you have internet, you're free to answer any messages. While there was a time that professionals were expected to always be on call, times are slowly changing. These days, it is becoming increasingly common for people to be offline on their days off, and for good reason. If you're going on holiday, taking time off for your sanity, or need to be away from the off

Want an Emoji on Your iPhone Status Bar? Here's How to Do It

There’s something about emojis that make everything feel lighter. Thankfully, there’s a way to remind ourselves to not take life too seriously by adding emojis your’s iPhone status bar. You can do this nifty little trick using Focus mode. Here’s how. How to Add Emojis to Your iPhone Status Bar To add an emoji to your iPhone status bar, you will need to update your iPhone to iOS 15 or later, so you can access the Focus feature. To add an emoji to your iPhone status bar, go to Settings > Focus

How to Change the First Day of the Week in Asana

For Asana users, there are so many ways for you to customize your experience. You can customize everything from the color palette to the notifications settings in Asana to help it work better for you. This includes the calendar. When viewing the Asana calendar, it's possible to miss out on important deadlines if it is out of sync. For example, if your personal calendar starts on Monday, but Asana starts on Saturday, you may end up working on the wrong tasks. If you're uncertain if your Asana c

How to Fix Screen Time Showing Random Websites on Your iPhone

It’s always informative to confront how much time you’ve spent on the different-sized screens that you stare at every day. In fact, Apple users have the option to see exactly how much time they spend across their various iOS and Mac devices with Screen Time. Unfortunately, some Apple users have reported shock after seeing unexpected websites appear on their Screen Time app, for hours at a time, without ever having viewed them. So, why does this happen and how do you fix it? Why Is Your iPhone

How Investing in a Digital Signage Might Be What Your Business Needs

While online shopping may be more common, nothing really takes the place of going to a retail store, especially when it comes to electronics. For electronics companies, digital signage can help increase sales in several ways. Here's how. Why You Might Need Digital Signage Using eye-catching digital signage, you can significantly increase foot traffic for your electronics stores by showcasing your posters and videos of exclusive products, special promotions, and in-store discounts. In addition

5 Reasons Why Reddit Is the Best Social Media Platform Around

When it comes to social media, there are tons of options out there. However, one stands out from the pack in several ways—Reddit. From an online forum about anything and everything, Reddit has built a strong community of passionate users through the years. Here are some key reasons why Reddit might just be the best social media platform out there today. In our online world, it's almost impossible to remain anonymous. For a variety of reasons, users are required to give personal details about

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Choose a University to Study At

When it comes to choosing a university, it's an important decision that may affect the rest of your life. Where you select to do further studies often impacts things like how enjoyable your experience is, the quality of your learning, and your career trajectory. While previously, the only way to know information about a potential university was through people you know or the university's website, there is now a never-ending list of ways wherein you can learn more. In this article, we'll discuss

How to Link Todoist With Apple Calendar

For fans of the much-loved task management app Todoist, there's not much you can ask for. Other than a more elaborate calendar view, of course. While Todoist is great for tracking tasks and projects for its daily and upcoming views, it doesn't have an easy way to view a monthly calendar. Thankfully, for iOS and Mac users, it's easy to integrate Todoist with the Apple Calendar. Here's how. How to Integrate Todoist Calendar Feed With Apple Calendar Should you want to integrate your entire Todo

4 Ways to Identify Good Freelance Clients That You Can Work With

When it comes to choosing the right freelance clients, it's a lot like finding a relationship. For example, countless potential clients can look perfect from the outside, with everything looking great at the beginning. However, it can feel like something is off as you begin to work together. Whether it is having to do an endless amount of free trials, a serious case of scope creep, being unnecessarily rude, or not paying on time, there are plenty of red flags that you should know. Here are some

Is One Free Taco a Day Enough Reason to Cancel Netflix?

Taco Bell has launched the first-ever Taco subscription service in the world... the Taco Lover's Pass. Which offers subscribers one free taco a day. But should you really give up one of your many other subscriptions for a taco a day? It's worth considering. After all, while you can binge-watch Netflix shows, you can't actually binge Netflix, can you? Not really. So if you're tired of streaming decision fatigue, here's an actual subscription that your stomach may thank you for. What Is the Taco

NVIDIA Launches a Free Version of Omniverse for Creators

These days, everyone is talking about the Metaverse. In fact, everything from social media to retail shopping is shifting to online 3D worlds. Many creators are wondering how they can build these experiences for themselves. Thankfully, NVIDIA doesn't just make it affordable to participate in this new world, they also make it free. In 2020, NVIDIA launched early access for Omniverse, a collaborative graphics and simulation platform for 3D creators. Since then, it has quickly become an important

Instagram Is Bringing Back the Chronological Feed: Here's How and Why

At the beginning of social media history, the Instagram feed was a place to simply see what people were up to. Until 2016, Instagram users could scroll until the end of their feed, which was viewable in chronological order, and call it a day. However, Instagram eventually updated this so that our feeds are comprised of a mix of sponsored ads and algorithm-curated content. But in 2022, Instagram is making headlines by doing the unthinkable: going back to the chronological feed. Here's how Insta
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