How to Request Instagram Memorialize an Account When Someone Dies

When someone passes away, many cultures grieve by getting together, sharing stories about the person, and saying goodbye. However, it's not always possible to do this, especially when our loved ones live far away. In our modern times, we often have friends or family members who come from different corners of the world. In fact, it's not uncommon to be surprised that an online friend has passed long after it happened, especially when you have few common friends outside the internet. Thankfully,

What Is Google Socratic and How Does It Work?

There was a time that if we wanted to learn about new things, we'd have to go to our nearest library and borrow a book. These days, students are lucky to have a wealth of information, simply in the palm of their hands. However, not everything on the internet comes from reliable sources. There are also plenty of websites with old, outdated, or wrong information. Thankfully, Google Socratic can help sift through bad apples and ensure students get the right resources. But, what is Google Socratic?

6 Reasons You Should Get a Dual SIM iPhone

For the longest time, most iPhones only allowed for a single SIM card. While this was definitely good enough for most people, the number of people who needed more than one SIM card has only steadily grown with time. Whether it's changes in lifestyle, new jobs, or busy home lives, there are plenty of reasons why people have been clamoring for more options. Thankfully, Apple made multiple SIM cards an option with Dual SIM iPhone models. Unlike older iPhone models, Dual SIM iPhones let you use tw

Microsoft Commits to Right to Repair: What This Means for Consumers

Microsoft leads the pack by being one of the first major technology companies to commit to a third-party study on the benefits of the right to repair. While the right to repair movement has been ongoing for more than a decade, the US has lagged in implementing it compared to other countries. With Microsoft's commitment, many advocates hope that it can add steam to the endeavor and snowball into meaningful changes in its product design and processes. But, what is the right to repair, and why is

What Is Surveillance Capitalism?

These days, almost every move we make somehow gets recorded online. Whether it's because we purposely share it, our devices do it for us, or someone else uploads it, there are endless ways that we refine our digital persona that determines everything from the content we see, what ads we get served, and even our insurance premiums. Surveillance capitalism is slowly becoming the norm. But what is surveillance capitalism, and why is it really a problem? Coined by Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff

How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail

Have you ever seen an email that makes you wince every time that it pops up on your screen? You’re not alone. While it can be tempting to simply delete stressful or unnecessary emails, there are some that we can’t let go of just yet. Thankfully, there’s a way to hide emails, but not permanently delete them using archives. Here’s everything you need to know about archiving emails on Gmail. Where Are Archived Emails in Gmail? When archiving an email, it will disappear from your Gmail inbox and

How to Use Gather Town to Bring Remote Teams Together

Remote working has opened doors for companies and employees, allowing companies to hire the best talent from all over the world, so it is without a doubt the future of work. However, it's not without its share of challenges. Remote work can also be a somewhat lonely experience. After all, some of our most meaningful career connections usually occur between work hours, at lunch with the boss, and even during late nights of cramming presentations together. With a little help, it's still possible

Set Up These 6 Focus Modes to Make the Most of iOS 15

Focus is the single most important skill when it comes to the difference between lifelong success or always falling short of your goals. However, it's a skill that many people do not care to develop. Thankfully, Apple aims to make it easier to find focus with the release of iOS 15. Using several powerful tools, iOS 15's Focus feature helps filter notifications and apps based on what you want to focus on at any given time. Through custom or suggested Focus modes, your iPhone can help you achieve

How to Claim an Inactive Instagram Account (and What to Do When You Can't)

By 2021, Instagram has accumulated over a billion users worldwide, making it one of the world's top social media platforms. Launched in 2010, Instagram has been around for more than a decade and has made several rebrands, changed its news feed algorithms, and added new features. However, while its users have steadily grown through the years, Instagram is also plagued with its own troubles, including empty profiles that no longer interact on the platform at all—inactive accounts. While Instagra

Should You Get Apple's iPhone Leather Wallet?

In true Apple fashion, the iPhone Leather Wallet doesn't just have a sleek, elegant, and timeless appearance, but it also has several functional features unique to it. Through a combination of hardware and software integrations, Apple gives us a wallet that only Apple can offer. But, what is the iPhone Leather Wallet, what makes it so special, and should you get it? What Is the iPhone Leather Wallet? Compatible with all iPhones that use MagSafe technology, the iPhone Leather Wallet magnetical

How to Stop Data Brokers From Collecting Your Data

Do you wonder how unfamiliar brands manage to contact you about their latest promotions? Or, how you suddenly receive texts from companies you've never given your number to? From a myriad of sources, data brokers gather as much as they can about you. They know how much your information is worth, and they can reap big profits by selling it. But what exactly are data brokers, and how do you make them stop stalking you? According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the data brokering industry

How to Add a Passcode to Your Nintendo Switch

For gamers, our consoles are a bit like extensions of ourselves. With all the hours we've spent on it, it can be oddly personal to share it with other people. Because of this, many people have been clamoring for ways to keep their privacy on their consoles, especially the Nintendo Switch. Here's how to set up a password (or pin code) on your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. For most users, a passcode is more than enough for their privacy needs. Similar to mobile phones, a passcode on your Ninte

How to Find Out What Country Your iPhone Was Manufactured In?

As of 2021, it is estimated that there are a billion iPhones in the world. However, these billion iPhones are not all the same. Because Apple sells iPhones in various countries, it has to alter its hardware slightly depending on government requirements. Learning where your iPhone comes from reveals a couple of interesting facts about your device. This is because there are slight differences in its various iPhone models across countries. But, why does it matter? Why It Matters Where Your iPhone

6 Tips for Cleaning Your Instagram Inbox

When it comes to Instagram, our inbox is a treasure trove of memories. Unfortunately, not all of them are good, especially for those of us who have been with Instagram for years. From weird DMs from people twice our age to messages from a potential stalker, there's plenty of history there that you wouldn't mind sending to the virtual shredder. If you wonder how you can make your Instagram DMs spark joy again, here's a list of tips that can help you. Unfortunately, there's no automatic way for

5 Ways to Identify Employee Data Theft

No wants to assume that the funny guy in the office chat is actually stealing company information. However, data theft often comes in unexpected ways and is carried out by unlikely people. When you suspect an employee is stealing data, it's a bit of a tricky situation. Unless you're certain that a breach has occurred, you want to avoid ruining the relationship with your employee and sow distrust among your team. But before you can roll out your incident response procedures, here are five signs

11 Things You Can Do While on Airplane Mode

The airplane mode is a common feature in gadgets that prevent receiving or transmitting wireless signals so that they don’t interfere with aircraft communications. Many of us see airplane mode on our devices and wonder what it’s actually used for. After all, not everyone spends enough time in the air to need access to it so often. However, airplane mode is actually an incredibly versatile feature that is great for practical purposes. While it is already known as a good way to save battery, here

8 Tips for Attaching Trackers to Your Pet

There are many great options available to help track your pet. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect pet track option for you. This should price be a big factor for you, as many of the existing options require a combination of one-time fees and subscriptions charged monthly or annually. Before making a purchase, this is a big issue take this into consideration. If the main reason you are looking to buy a tracker is for safety purposes, one of the key features that you need to think

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a 5G Contract With Your iPhone 13

For a long time, using the internet on a mobile phone was a slow and expensive experience. These days, telecommunication companies all over the world have changed the game with better technology. In fact, we're entering a new age of speed, accessibility, and performance with 5G. Launched in 2019, 5G is the fifth generation of broadband cellular network technology, and it's faster, more responsive, and has more bandwidth than everything that came before it. While 5G had its share of issues at fi

How to Keep Advertisers From Stealing Your Data

You may be wondering why it's a big deal for so many companies to have access to your data. Unless you’re a public figure, most people find it hard to wrap their heads around why it is wrong for so many companies to know so many things about you. The amount of personal data we have online is frightening, mostly because it doesn't just stay there. It affects our life outside the internet too. But how does this work and how exactly do companies get their hands on your information? How Do Adverti
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